Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine -Ep 8 – Yorkshire Grit

You don’t get a Yorkshire man crying that easily mate!


P.S. Can you guess the song Cheesecake Boy is playing?


The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 23 – The Trueman Effect

Blog #37 - 9.11.2014

Fred Trueman was, arguably, the greatest bowler to have ever played for Yorkshire and England. As such it is entirely appropriate that our own Yorkshire man should have in his possession an explosive cricket ball called ‘The Fred Trueman’. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with cricket your reaction to this week’s comic and Cheesecake boy running into bowl was probably the same as the Pirates. For those of you who don’t know who Fred Trueman then you should Google image search him. Hopefully, my depiction of Cheesecake boy’s hair flailing around wildly is a fitting tribute to Trueman. 

Trueman’s cricketing prowess aside, he was also a personality and more than one amusing anecdote can be shared from his career. One of my favourites is as follows: 


The Adventures of Ninja Phil – Ep 11 – Here we go again

Blog #22 - 20.07.2014

No Pirates were hurt in the making of this comic (ok maybe a few…)

Here we go again! I’m back and things should be returning to normal now after weeks of making excuses for not blogging (seriously this comic has been 95% finished for over a week now).

And to make for lost time I’ll be posting a couple of things over the coming days. Tomorrow we’ll see the Superhero profile for Cheesecake Boy and Thursday will see a teaser for Sunday’s continuation of the story line; when we’ll find out what that phone call was all about and why our heroes are now heading towards Lancashire. Stay tuned!