Guest Posts Galore!

I’m not going to get this week’s comic finished in the foreseeable future (it’s so close to being finished which makes it all the more infuriating). But my nephews have been extremely busy busting out some guest comics so I thought I’d post a couple. Probably will do every week, mid-week in the meantime because I know you like them. The first one sees Dark Lord (more on him later) messing around with everyone’s stuff. Mwahahahaha! The second below has the Red Ninja (we’ll be seeing more of him) falling in love…. unexpectedly. Enjoy!



Inktober 30 – Chilean Miners!!


So there are only three news stories that I remember sitting glued to the tele for. The first was 9/11. The second the London riots in 2011. The thrid was the rescue of the Chilean Miners. We all know the story of the collasped mines, of the continued search, those moments when we’d given up hope of ever finding anyone and then how after seventeen days they found “the 33”. And then after a grand total of 69 days underground the men were finally rescued. 9/11 and the London Riots held my attention through a mixture of shock, concern, anticipation at what on earth could happen next. But the rescue of the Chilean miners keep me glued to the screen because of the wonderful story of hope (I swear I didn’t cry… honest). And that happened just 5yrs ago. All I can say is that I can’t wait for the movie to come out!


Inktober #10-12 – The Birth of the WI, TV and the King


So I’m a bit behind on posting these to the site so here’s an Inktober splurge! Here we go… it’s 100 yrs since the first appearance of the Women’s Institute in the UK. Known for the their volunteer activities, baking and ‘Jam & Jerusalem’ events (hence the picture), they were promoted during World War One as a way to encourage Women to take part in food production (, a theme that would later be intensified by the creation of the Women’s Land Army. To this day they are one of the biggest Women only organisations in the world running a wide range of charity and social events as well as volunteer programmes. 


It’s also 90 yrs since John Logie Baird transmitted his first public television broadcast. It involved the transmission of a pair of puppets (called James and Stooky Bill), chosen because their painted faces had a much greater contrast than that of real humans and were more easily pick up by Baird’s early devices. Funnily, 90 yrs later some still prefer artificial creations to real people (whether CGI or puppets). I wonder what James and Stooky Bill would have made of Kermit the Frog and Ms. Piggy?


Finally, it’s 80 yrs since the birth of the King, better known as Elvis Presley (ahhaha). Despite all that went on in his life, one thing that never seemed to change for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was his baby face. He died aged 42 although there are some people who still believe he’s around. He rounds off a nice bit of cultural history there. Because let’s be honest, where would the modern world be without Independent Women, TV and Rock ‘n’ Roll?