Red Ninja

Advent Calendar Day 10

This one comes by special request! More Dark Lord from my biggest fans, but my favourite bit has to the final panel ‘Based on Addison crying over a cheese sandwich yesterday’ :’D



Ninja Phil & The Naughty Nine – Ep 17 – Pandemonium

We’ve quite a few Holies from Ninja Phil these last few weeks. Holy Pandemonium, Holy Cricket Bat, Holy Betrayal. This is entirely and unashamedly because, following the sad passing of Adam West (known for playing Batman in the original Krash, Kapow 1960s Batman TV series), I did a bit of reminiscing and looked up the following: List of Exclamations by Robin. Read it, and never have another excuse for swearing again!

Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine – Ep 16 – A Ford Fiesta was harmed in the making of this comic

When it came to drawing a trashed car (note that this was at the very cusp of artistic abilities and threatened to send me over the edge) it had to be a Fiesta. We’re on our third one as a family, this one’s grey, the last one was green and the pain in the backside it was over the last few months of its life meant drawing it in such a sorry state was not difficult. Not that Fiestas are bad cars, we love them, that’s why we keep getting one, but they don’t half die a death after about 100,000 miles. Two down six to go in what I’m now calling the Ninja Phil Fesitval of comicing! New one up on either Friday or Saturday 😀