Ninja Phil

Advent Calendar Day 7

Blue Super Haribo Brother is obviously loosing it a bit without any colour. But with some luck, when they get that crayon, they might be getting some colour back… maybe… mwahahaha!

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Advent Calendar Day 3 – Competition Time

Behold! The Naughty Nine!! Current arch nemeses of Ninja Phil, so far only 3 have been revealed. From the above you can see that there are three more whose identities are at least partially known, but who are the other three? That’s a question only you can answer.

That’s right kids (and kids in adult bodies) it’s COMPETITION TIME!!!

Tell all your friends, neighbours, kids, brothers, sisters, neices, nephews, uncles, aunties, grandparents, corner shop owners. Tell everyone that I’d like you to design me a bad guy to serve as one of the Naughty Nine. Alright, not all at once first here’s what you need to do:

  1. Design a bad guy. Along with a great picture (or normal picture, or just a stick man, whatever) the bad guy will need a name, a backstory, a superpower/weapon/evil scheme (something that threatens the world as we know it), and a weakness (so I know how Ninja Phil and the gang will eventually beat him/her).
  2. Send an image of the bad guy, with accompanying information, to
  3. Wait in anticipation until 8th January 2019 when the results will be revealed.

And here’s some not very small, small print:

  1. The bad guy has to be mildly family friendly. Something an 8yr old would be comfortable with.
  2. Donald Trump is not a valid submission.
  3. A personified Brexit is also not a valid submission as neither of these are family friendly, making many a grown man or woman cry.
  4. Entries should be received by 23:59 on Sunday 31st December.
  5. This competition applies specifically to the creation of the fifth member of the Naughty Nine. Seven and Eight will be decided at a later date.
  6. There will be further phases of the competition to design numbers 7 and 8 and all non-successful submissions for this phase will be automatically entered into subsequent phases of the competition.
  7. Before your character’s first appearance in the comic, I’ll send you an image of your bad guy transformed to fit with the artistic style of the world of Ninja Phil.
  8. If you don’t win, there’ll still be a showcase of some of the (in my opinion) best entries, so you still might get featured on the site. 
  9. There’s is no money involved.
  10. You can’t sue me if you don’t win, as it’s not that serious and I don’t have any money anyway.

So there we have it. Now when you’re stuck with nothing to do, overfull with chocolates and turkey dinners, watching Wallace and Gromit, thinking there must be something more worthwhile to do with my time, pick up a pencil and some paper and get drawing. I await the results with eager anticipation.




Advent Calendar Day 2

One of my all time favourites here. Not just because I love E.T. and not because E.T. is a great Christmas movie (I know it’s more Halloween, but it’s something you’ll always see on TV over here at Christmas) but because this is essentially a remake of an original comic I did back when Ninja Phil was born my student flat in 2008. Even if it took him some 5 yrs to get on the internet little has changed. So as a bonus… here’s a scan of the original version as well as the updated one above.



Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine – Ep 24 – Colour Catcher

Behold, the 3rd member of the Naughty Nine…. Colour Catcher! One thing I hate more than clowns is mimes. And one thing I hate more than mimes is mimes who steal my Crayola crayons! Bit of a change of pace here for this one. One minute it’s a musically obsessed old fogey then a death Demon from another plane of existence and now a interdimensional thief dressed as a mime. Let’s see how Ninja Phil and the gang deal with this one.

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