Ninja Phil

Ninja Phil & Naughty Nine – Ep 19 – Howzat!

And the umpire raises his finger and gives him out!

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Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine – Ep 16 – A Ford Fiesta was harmed in the making of this comic

When it came to drawing a trashed car (note that this was at the very cusp of artistic abilities and threatened to send me over the edge) it had to be a Fiesta. We’re on our third one as a family, this one’s grey, the last one was green and the pain in the backside it was over the last few months of its life meant drawing it in such a sorry state was not difficult. Not that Fiestas are bad cars, we love them, that’s why we keep getting one, but they don’t half die a death after about 100,000 miles. Two down six to go in what I’m now calling the Ninja Phil Fesitval of comicing! New one up on either Friday or Saturday 😀