History Repeats itself

Last half-term we made the trip up to Grandpa’s house on the Scottish borders, cutting across, in the process, the old path of Hadrian’s Wall. Being the budding historian which I am, I thought I’d attempt to convey something of what the wall was about… it seems our son is a much more astute political commentator than I am historian.



That’s my girl

 We’d just been on a reasonable walk/scoot with the kids when this question was poised. Both children demonstrating their true characters. My son sticking with the filling of choice, the steady, safe option. My daughter… well she just loves cake. Only a 2 yr old would ask for cake in a sandwich. For the rest of us, it’s something we all quietly dream about but we never say. I say let’s all achieve our dreams today and eat cake for lunch. Marie Antionette would have wanted it that way.


On the evil genius of kids

The prelude to this scene occurred on a Sunday morning when my wife and I were trying to get the kids ready for Church. I was dealing with our son and my wife was trying to get our daughter’s hair done. She was trying to do a plait, but as is so often the way with kids, despite her best efforts, our little girl just would NOT sit still! With frustration rising she gave in and uttered the fateful words “If you won’t sit still you’ll just have to have a boring ponytail”.  (more…)

Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine – Ep 23 – Let’s see what’s behind door number 1…

The real life person behind the Blue Super Haribo Brother lost his Ted a long time ago. We live in hope that one day he’ll return.

Inktober Ep4/NP&NN Ep 23 was drawn between 23rd and 27th October. I really loved drawing the first panel with the Octopus. To say it was great fun to draw is an understatement!


Some reassembly required

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