Why do we vote?

I thought I wouldn’t get to do this idea for a comic for another three years, but you know strong and stable government and elections every two years can be great for comic artists! HA! As usual with my Ninja Dad (or in this case Ninja Mum) stuff this is inspired by a real life question asked by our son on polling day five two years ago. As way of explanation, Morecambe is a town just up the road. A kid’s sense of geography is quite entertaining though I think we’re just about there in having him understand what England is… I think.

Kids, Wees and Big Hills (aka. think before you speak)

Another one for the scrap book. In my defence I honestly believed that shouting WEEEEEE as we went down the hill would distract him from his desperate need to relieve himself.  I’m not sure at what point I realised that I’d seriously put my foot in it… probably the death stare from my wife gave it away. To his credit when we finally reached our destination our little man had managed to hold it in 🙂 despite all the screaming.

Screaming kids in cars…. urrrrhhhhh!


Ninja v Badgers

Blog #78 - 17.04.2016

A few weeks ago, our son managed to get out of bed without waking his sister up and wake me up without waking up his mum up… quite the achievement! Well, as we were trying to sneak down stairs to get breakfast I tried to communicate the above instruction. I’m not sure how we went from Ninja to Badger… but I soon found out that my son’s interpretation of a Badger is actually quite quiet. (more…)

Guest Post – The Red Ninja Returns!

addi #2001

Many of you will recognise the Red Ninja from an earlier piece of fan art I received (although there was no flaming fists last time, just Batman and Haribo). Well he’s back, and with a vengeance it seems (certainly if your his poor, now hospitalised, adversary). I do love his smiling eyes at the end though!



Postscript: Almost finished my intended Sunday post, so I’ll get that up tomorrow. I’m sure you don’t mind this instead (What’s that? You prefer it?….). Just a message to the “Red Ninja” himself if he’s reading this! Thanks for drawing this and tell Dano that I’ve got something special planned for the comic he drew me in a week or two  😉