General Election

Why do we vote?

I thought I wouldn’t get to do this idea for a comic for another three years, but you know strong and stable government and elections every two years can be great for comic artists! HA! As usual with my Ninja Dad (or in this case Ninja Mum) stuff this is inspired by a real life question asked by our son on polling day five two years ago. As way of explanation, Morecambe is a town just up the road. A kid’s sense of geography is quite entertaining though I think we’re just about there in having him understand what England is… I think.


The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 14 – Be Happy

Blog #57 - 07.05.2015

Here it is! Our election night special – enjoy (if only elections actually did cause this much happiness). And if you haven’t already voted you’ve still got time, polling stations close at 10pm so by watch there’s still about two hours left to exercise you’re democratic right to vote. So get out there and do it! (unless of course you’re reading this tomorrow, then you’re too late and will have to wait probably another 5yrs – sorry).



Postscript: Some of you’ll be happy to know this will be the last politically themed post for a while. Normal service will resume on Sunday with some good old fashioned Pirate hunting shenanigans… Pirates, ye have been warned.

The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 12 – On Arguments and Entrances

Blog #55 - 19.04.2015

Dramatic entrances are always cool… I imagine though that Ninja Phil might be giving the wrong impression here. Anyone else get that vibe?



The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 10 – Hell Yes!!

Blog #52 - 29.03.2015

The election campaigns have officially started today with parliament being dissolved (unfortunately not literally) and the question is what have we learnt so far? (more…)

The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 9 – A.N.A.C.O.N.D.A

Blog #51 - 15.03.2015

 So the run up to the election is already off to a flyer. It started with a Scottish referendum and Tory defections to UKIP. Since then Ed Balls has been called a Turkey, Cameron’s been called a Chicken and Miliband’s been called Despicable. And best of all Ed Miliband’s down-to-earth Kitchen turned out to be 2nd Kitchen used just as a ‘tea prep area’ which you ‘can’t even sit in’ (let’s be honest though. How many of us have a kitchen big enough to sit in?). But the biggest rumbling has been over whether or not everyone will sit down to do a TV debate.