Dark Lord

Fan Art

This one comes by special request! More Dark Lord from my biggest fans, but my favourite bit has to the final panel ‘Based on Addison crying over a cheese sandwich yesterday’ :’D



Fan Art – Doombot!

Merry almost Christmas!! In the run up to Christmas I have something special planned: my very own comic Advent Calendar. Come back each day for some new content, or some old classics. It’s going to be great!

I’ve decided to start off with this one purely because if it weren’t for my gang of creative genius nephews I wouldn’t have half the material that I do. They provide me with so many ideas and I don’t show nearly enough of them. So as a Christmas treat to them (and you) I’ll be popping a few more up over the next 25 days. First up here’s Dark Lord (Dano) in all his evil genius glory. Best things about these are, as well as being excellent comics, they’re little Easter Eggs for what you might expect over the coming months on the actual comic.

Enjoy and come back tomorrow to open the next door.


Guest Posts Galore!

I’m not going to get this week’s comic finished in the foreseeable future (it’s so close to being finished which makes it all the more infuriating). But my nephews have been extremely busy busting out some guest comics so I thought I’d post a couple. Probably will do every week, mid-week in the meantime because I know you like them. The first one sees Dark Lord (more on him later) messing around with everyone’s stuff. Mwahahahaha! The second below has the Red Ninja (we’ll be seeing more of him) falling in love…. unexpectedly. Enjoy!