Advent Calendar Day 10

This one comes by special request! More Dark Lord from my biggest fans, but my favourite bit has to the final panel ‘Based on Addison crying over a cheese sandwich yesterday’ :’D



Advent Calendar Day 9

The prelude to this scene occurred on a Sunday morning when my wife and I were trying to get the kids ready for Church. I was dealing with our son and my wife was trying to get our daughter’s hair done. She was trying to do a plait, but as is so often the way with kids, despite her best efforts, our little girl just would NOT sit still! With frustration rising she gave in and uttered the fateful words “If you won’t sit still you’ll just have to have a boring ponytail”.  (more…)

Advent Calendar Day 5

Thanks for all those talking about the competition already, I’m looking forward to the entries! Some of the veteran readers will remember that this isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this. Many, many years ago I do an competition for a superhero and the winner was the amazing Jamaican Titan (J.T.). She’ll be coming back into the story in the next few months. As a Christmas rerun treat here’s her first appearances in the comic!