Guest Posts Galore!

I’m not going to get this week’s comic finished in the foreseeable future (it’s so close to being finished which makes it all the more infuriating). But my nephews have been extremely busy busting out some guest comics so I thought I’d post a couple. Probably will do every week, mid-week in the meantime because I know you like them. The first one sees Dark Lord (more on him later) messing around with everyone’s stuff. Mwahahahaha! The second below has the Red Ninja (we’ll be seeing more of him) falling in love…. unexpectedly. Enjoy!


Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine – Ep 6 – Song in your head

I‘m sure we’ve all had a song in our head at some time or another (although not to the extent that it’s taken control of you… I hope). It’s an experience that is part of a world with radios, iPods, MP3 players and cheesy pop songs. And one thing that comes alongside this is coping strategies to get you through a day when the first thing you hear is Barbie Girl or an S-Club 7 song.1 A good friend of mine once provided me with such an strategy, namely to sing Michael Jackson’s Beat it whenever I got an annoying song stuck in my head… and I must say it works like a treat! Good old MJ!

Phil (more…)

Kids, Wees and Big Hills (aka. think before you speak)

Another one for the scrap book. In my defence I honestly believed that shouting WEEEEEE as we went down the hill would distract him from his desperate need to relieve himself.  I’m not sure at what point I realised that I’d seriously put my foot in it… probably the death stare from my wife gave it away. To his credit when we finally reached our destination our little man had managed to hold it in 🙂 despite all the screaming.

Screaming kids in cars…. urrrrhhhhh!