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Anatomy of a Titan

JT Profile

So as I was putting together this profile adding the power of making people happy, it reminded me of the classic Tenacious D song Wonderboy, wherein is depicted a superhero’s arch rival who has the power of flight, the ability to kill a yak at 200 yrds with mind bullets and the power… to move you! Hahaha. But seriously, the power to make people happy is pretty important (make sure you use it!)

Anyways, a little “mid-week” treat for you. With the superhero profile of the Jamaican Titan (aka J.T.) I now have a complete set of profiles including Ninja Phil and his 5 friends. Now all I’ve got to do is get around to doing the bad guys…

Make sure you come back on Sunday to get the next episode of the Adventures of Ninja Phil!



Anatomy of a Knight

Blog #53 05.04.2015

So I’m fed up of drawing politicians so it’s back to drawing superheroes for the weekend! With only two our team of superheroes without a profile I thought I’d get another one out of way. It also completes a nice set with his brother the Green Super Haribo brother. And whilst his brother was attending the wizarding school of Hogsmeade Comprehensive, the Blue Super Haribo Brother was attending Knight School (during the day I must add). Again the education history of these brothers is just setting me up nicely for some future plots (all will be revealed). 

Some more Easter related goodness to follow tomorrow as well as (as promised) something to do with Ninja to tie you over. 

Hope you’re having a good Easter Weekend.


Anatomy of a Wizard

Blog #32.5 - 22.09.2014

Ok I couldn’t resist some superhero related content! Take it as a ‘Thank You’ for you guys being so awesome. I mean seriously, ‘Thanks’. And a big shout out to all those of you from the other side of the pond. It’s great to have you on board as well as all us Brits.

Looks like I’m going to running the risk of turning this site in Harry Potter fan fiction if I’m not careful… don’t worry it won’t… more like unfan fiction if that’s a thing. Don’t worry it’ll all become clear at some point!

Haha, tune in on Sunday for the next episode of the Adventures of Ninja Phil.


Anatomy of a Superhero

Blog #18 - 01.06.14 (part 1)

So another hero revealed and another profile I had to steal from Mi8 (that’s the one that deals with superheroes) just to provide you with a bit more back ground information. One day we’ll have a whole set of character profiles… as long as I don’t get caught trying to get a hold of them! You’ll have to keep tuned to find out the information which has been obscured.

As a result of this I thought I would be appropriate to update the following. (more…)

The Anatomy of a Ninja

Blog #7 - 12.03.2014

So I promised some background on our hero, and here’s the beginnings of it and I must say that it was hard to get a hold of this file, even for a Ninja. Some elements of this, of course, require more explanation. Don’t worry you’ll get it over the coming weeks. Must dash… got some Ninjaing to do.