Inktober 2015

Inktober 31 – Happy Halloween


No historical references this time! Just a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!




Inktober 30 – Chilean Miners!!


So there are only three news stories that I remember sitting glued to the tele for. The first was 9/11. The second the London riots in 2011. The thrid was the rescue of the Chilean Miners. We all know the story of the collasped mines, of the continued search, those moments when we’d given up hope of ever finding anyone and then how after seventeen days they found “the 33”. And then after a grand total of 69 days underground the men were finally rescued. 9/11 and the London Riots held my attention through a mixture of shock, concern, anticipation at what on earth could happen next. But the rescue of the Chilean miners keep me glued to the screen because of the wonderful story of hope (I swear I didn’t cry… honest). And that happened just 5yrs ago. All I can say is that I can’t wait for the movie to come out!


Inktober 29 – The Millennium Bug


31st December 1999 

The countdown begins… 10, oh this is so exciting! 9, I can’t believe it, a new millennium only happens like once 1000 years! 8, Have we got the blubby ready, does everyone have a glass? 7, but hold on! Will the computers be able to cope with the change of the clock? 6, what will the world be like without computers! 5, no computer games, no MSN!! 4, How will I talk to my friends ever again! 3. What about everything else, what if the whole of the country’s infrastructure collapses? 2, Traffic lights don’t work, the whole nation plunged into darkness, civil unrest, looting, anarchy, the end of the world as we know it, society entirely destroyed by a computer glitch!! 1, CURSE YOU MILLENNIUM BUG!!! CURSE YOU FOR RUINING MY LIFE AND THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!

Happy New… Forget that, check the flipping computer, check the computer! Is it working? It’s working, it’s working hallelujah, we’re saved!

1st January 2000  

I feel like such a moron, I can’t believe I ever fell for that Millennium bug nonsense.

If you weren’t there, you can’t believe, but 15yrs ago a lot of people were genuinely terrified that the world as we knew it would end because our computers couldn’t tell the difference between the year 2000 and 1900. And we think people who thought Jesus was coming back in the year 1000 were a bit silly, I bet they’re laughing their pants off at us now.


Inktober 28 – Windows 95


20 years since the release of Windows 95! Doesn’t that make you feel old! Haha. I still remember the day we upgraded from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. Those were glory days filled with having to use a mouse, playing games like Age of Empires II and Command and Conquer, still knowing what MS-DOS was for, social lives which revolved around MSN messenger, still remembering hearing this sound whenever you connected to the internet and not being able use the internet and phone at the same time and never being able to move your computer further than a few metres away from the nearest phone/plug socket. Windows 95 represents all of this, and because it was so awesome no one actually bothered upgrading until Windows XP came out in 2001. As cool as a world with touch screens, tablets and gigabytes worth of data are, there was something special about having grown up in the period when the digital age really got going.


Inktober 27 – Nelson Mandela’s Walk to Freedom


Fighter for freedom and against anti-apartheid, civil rights activist, prisoner, president, philanthropist and Father of a Nation. Nelson Mandela looms large in the history of the modern era as someone who inspired and continues to inspire a generation. Fighting for the civil liberties and equality for all people regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. Nelson Mandela is in many ways more than the Father of a Nation, but a Father of Equal right. It’s such a shame that despite his shining example we still see people discriminated against because of the colour of their skin, their beliefs or generally who they are. Nevertheless, it seems only right to commemorate 25yrs since Nelson Mandela was released from prison and was able to undertake one of his many walks to freedom. Let’s hope one day everyone can do the same.

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Inktober 26 – The Channel Tunnel


In 1994 the channel tunnel was finally completed. But the initial drilling teams, coming from France and England respectively, finally met on 1st December 1990, 25 years ago. They had begun the work in 1987 and one can only imagine how the two groups would have reacted on joining up… probably not the way I’ve depicted it above… well maybe considering this. Nowadays, can we imagine a world where the only way to get to France was by plane or ship? Overall, I think it’s a testament to the increasing ways which the world has become more connected over recent decades (although I’m still not sure, as an Englishman, how comfortable I am being that closely connected to France 😉 ).