Fan Art

Do not go out there!

As usual, some epic fan art as a mid week treat. Yes it is the Red Ninja again and yes he does use his powers to blast the Zombie into the Sun. No messing with that guy!



Guest Posts Galore!

I’m not going to get this week’s comic finished in the foreseeable future (it’s so close to being finished which makes it all the more infuriating). But my nephews have been extremely busy busting out some guest comics so I thought I’d post a couple. Probably will do every week, mid-week in the meantime because I know you like them. The first one sees Dark Lord (more on him later) messing around with everyone’s stuff. Mwahahahaha! The second below has the Red Ninja (we’ll be seeing more of him) falling in love…. unexpectedly. Enjoy!


Guest Post – The Red Ninja Returns!

addi #2001

Many of you will recognise the Red Ninja from an earlier piece of fan art I received (although there was no flaming fists last time, just Batman and Haribo). Well he’s back, and with a vengeance it seems (certainly if your his poor, now hospitalised, adversary). I do love his smiling eyes at the end though!



Postscript: Almost finished my intended Sunday post, so I’ll get that up tomorrow. I’m sure you don’t mind this instead (What’s that? You prefer it?….). Just a message to the “Red Ninja” himself if he’s reading this! Thanks for drawing this and tell Dano that I’ve got something special planned for the comic he drew me in a week or two  😉

Guest comic from a 7yr old!!

Addi's Comic

So as I try and get yesterday’s comic finished, here’s a guest comic from one of my 7yr old nephews. We had four of them over for sleepovers on Thursday/Friday and all they wanted to do (except eat sweets and watch DVDs) was draw comics. This was the one that got finished and I promised I’d post it… it is pretty epic after all! Enjoy.