Star Wars

Fan Art – Star Wars

It’s an expensive one today, but I got it at a discount 😉 December is the time of year for Star Wars and to get you in the mood here’s another classic from another one of my nephews. Enjoy!

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Star Wars Ep VII – I have a funny feeling this has happened before

Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed The Force Awakens, but there was a moment where I thought “come on guys, why do you still believe that your actually capable of building an indestructible planet-sized space station?” I mean for the “rebels” it’s like “What you’ve built a planet-sized weapon of mass destruction which doesn’t have a weakness? Challenge accepted!”

Hope you all enjoyed May the Fourth be with you yesterday!


Tales from the DVD cupboard part II


The true identity of Darth Vader (aka CooCaa) is one of the closest kept secrets in our household. I have no memory of the pivotal ‘No. I am your father moment’, I’ve always known that Darth Vader and Anakin are one and the same as long as I can remember. So I’m making a conscious effort to protect my son from the truth until he’s old enough to watch Episode V! (Although difficult it will be). But sometimes I come close to slipping up… as illustrated above. Ha, it was a close one! If I’m successful I’ll get a good reaction video out of it one of these days 😉

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Star Wars Finale – Return of the Jedi King

Star Wars Ep VI - Return of the Jedi King

This final Star Wars comic was inspired by the following tweet..

It seems Mrs. Mike’s flight of fancy wasn’t that far from the truth!

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Star Wars Episode V – Toy Story Strikes Back

Star Wars005

Being one of the most iconic scenes in cinema history, it’s also one of the most parodied. The problem with this is the fact that it’s SUPPOSED to be the biggest shock reveal… ever! In 1980 I’m sure it was, but nowadays everybody knows the ‘No I am your Father’ line before Vader even says it. What I wouldn’t give to have my Star Wars memory wiped and be allowed to sit down and watch Episodes IV-VI again and see how I actually felt when Vader’s true identity was revealed… oh never mind!

In any event, this (the comic) actually happened to someone I know and because of it, I know it’s harsh but, my children are not allowed to watch Toy Story until they’ve seen Star Wars. Hahaha, not really, my 2yr old loves Toy Story… but I have contemplated it.