Et Cetera

History Repeats itself

Last half-term we made the trip up to Grandpa’s house on the Scottish borders, cutting across, in the process, the old path of Hadrian’s Wall. Being the budding historian which I am, I thought I’d attempt to convey something of what the wall was about… it seems our son is a much more astute political commentator than I am historian.



World Book Day

It’s world book day! And to commemorate that fact I spent some of last night (after we’d finished the highway rat costume we were making for our son to go to school in) doodling some characters from some of my favourite/most memorable books.  (more…)

Hi! My name’s Phil and I’m a comicer. It’s been 18 days since my last comic…

I love drawing comics.

Recently, however, I’ve found myself in a bit of comicing funk. I think those of you reading this who are involved in comicing, webcomicing, art generally, know what I’m talking about. That feeling that I should be doing it, that I want to do it, but really can’t find the motivation. And the problem with drawing/art of any kind is that it’s something so intrinsically connected with emotions that when you’re not feeling it, it just doesn’t happen. (more…)

That’s my girl

 We’d just been on a reasonable walk/scoot with the kids when this question was poised. Both children demonstrating their true characters. My son sticking with the filling of choice, the steady, safe option. My daughter… well she just loves cake. Only a 2 yr old would ask for cake in a sandwich. For the rest of us, it’s something we all quietly dream about but we never say. I say let’s all achieve our dreams today and eat cake for lunch. Marie Antionette would have wanted it that way.


And the winner is….

Some of you will remember the competition to design one of the next members of the Naughty Nine. Well the wait is over and the winner is… The Living Gun!!!

Congratulations to Oskar for his great design! You can check out Oskar’s own amazing comic site Comix’n’Stuff here. Of course, the version here has been Ninja Phil’d but Oskar’s original designs were just as awesome…


We won’t be seeing the Living Gun straight away, there’s another evil menace to deal with first of all. But keep your eyes peeled, because this fella will be blasting onto your screens sooner than you think. And I’m really looking forward to him appearing in the comic! Give Ninja Phil and the gang a whole other challenge to deal with.

I realise though that I need to console all those now weeping at having not been selected. Well have no fear, there are still two spaces left on the Naughty Nine line up and there’ll be another chance later in the year to see your bad guy fighting for the wrong team. Any entries that didn’t win this time will be automatically considered in the next round of the competition. Even if you didn’t win a big thanks for entering I’ve really enjoyed all the designs I’ve received. 

That’s it folks, make sure you come back Thursday to see the launch of Ninja Phil and the Naughty Nine vol. 2. It’s going to be a spicy and explosive start.


Merry Christmas – Elfloon

To go with this month’s early Reindeerloon Day entry, here’s a prequel and a little something to say Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you have a great time with friends and family, and don’t forget whose bday it is 😉 And if you get bored on Christmas Day, don’t forget there’s a competition to enter as well!!

Merry Christmas