Blog Post # 1 - 26.01.2013

Welcome to the world of Ninja Phil … and anything else which issues from my over active imagination. 

The adventures of Teenage Mormon Ninja Phil began in 2007 when I started drawing the occasional comic at the end of a year of Uni. The first of these original comics is now somewhere in the US inside a scrap book created by a friend and I for an American friend who had to go back home. 

But despite being relatively inactive on the comic drawing front over the next 7 years, in 2014 I decided it was time for a resurrection of Ninja Phil and here is the result. 

Of course, the primary focus of the blog is all things Ninja related; but I also enjoy regular tangents into the world of  current affairs, popular culture, history and anything floating around in my, in all honesty, geeky brain.

If you’re new to the site, the easiest way to get around it probably by using the menu at the top of the page. If you’re looking for the story line in an easily digestible form go here for the Adventures of Ninja Phil Part 1 and here for the Adventures of Ninja Phil Part 2.

Updates once a week, if you’re lucky, on a Sunday.




    1. Thanks, and yes I’m about as technologically backward as they come, so when it’s time to comic out come the HB pencils, crayola crayons and sharpies. I do the paneling and clean things up digitally, when I’m too tired to colour in the lines, but otherwise it’s all by hand. I’ve accumulated a nice little folder full of brightly coloured drawings over the last year. Big fan by the way.

      1. They’re really great – I love the color. (I’m way too lazy and rely to heavily on ctrl-z. I actually got momentarily confused once when I couldn’t ctrl-z something I was drawing with pencil.)

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