Some reassembly required

Need a reliable home removal service? Look no further than Avengers* Removals Initiative. We’ll help you move house in a flash** and as long as you only talk to Captain America we guarantee service with a smile.*** Simply call Nick Fury TODAY to see how a REAL man**** moves house!

* The Avengers plc. are not liable for any damage caused to your possessions during the move. In the highly likely event that we smash something we recommend our handy man sister company, Avengers Reassemble inc., for all your home repairs needs.

** Not THE Flash. Don’t trust those DC cowboys. Can’t trust anyone who makes a film where a woman is the main character!

*** Unless of course, Cap decides you’re somehow affiliated with Hydra then he’ll have to take you out… unless you’re his best friend called Bucky then he’ll let you off.

**** There are no real men working at this company, just people in supersuits, irradiated mutants, genetically enhanced supersoldiers and gods. Our PR team suggested using the word man would make us more relatable and it is NOT false advertising. Any legal complaints can be given to our chief legal advisors Natasha Romanoff who will ensure the swift execution of justice.  


Postscript: This was an actual conversation we had before we moved house a few weeks ago. Of course, the last panel is fictitious but it’s how I imagine it would go down if the Avengers actually helped you move… I mean they’re a well meaning bunch but smashing pretty much everything is a natural byproduct of them trying to help. Sometimes I think they’d be more use if they were sent to “help” other planets instead. They’d all be too busy cleaning up after the Avengers to bother with any intergalactic takeover plans. 



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