Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine – Ep 9 – Hammer Time!

We’ve had some musical greats over the last few weeks:

Michael Jackson, Queen, Carl Douglas, Diana Ross/Lionel Ritchie, Celine Dion.

But none quite so great as the mighty MC Hammer 😉 Can’t touch this.



Postscript 1: I was first introduced to the comic/music synergy idea when listening to the band Coheed and Cambria. And while I’m not saying I’ve achieved anything like the musical/comic masterpieces that can be found out there, I will say I’ve enjoyed creating it. I feel there’s something particularly cool about music in comics, and while, as I’ve found, it’s difficult to incorporate I hope it’s had you singing… or humming… ok, at least not groaning. Music Man was the first of the Naughty Nine to come into imagination. Let’s see who’s next.

Postscript 2: As well as experimenting a little bit with the comic inspiration, I also experimented a little bit in this comic with the layout of the paneling. I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with the results (in fact I’m not, I would totally redo it if it wouldn’t be an enormous pain in the backside) but then that’s what experimentation is all about. Better luck next time. My hope is that you can follow the OHs! between the “break it down” and “Hammertime” sufficiently to be able to get MC Hammer stuck in your head for the whole of tomorrow (and beyond).



  1. Music in comics is tricky! Not sure if it was the title (don’t think I took it in pre-comic-reading, but can’t rule out something subliminal going on), but I knew it was Hammertime from the first panel’s dum dum dum dums. Which is a crazy tribute to the human brain and your musical comic skills.

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