Why do we vote?

I thought I wouldn’t get to do this idea for a comic for another three years, but you know strong and stable government and elections every two years can be great for comic artists! HA! As usual with my Ninja Dad (or in this case Ninja Mum) stuff this is inspired by a real life question asked by our son on polling day five two years ago. As way of explanation, Morecambe is a town just up the road. A kid’s sense of geography is quite entertaining though I think we’re just about there in having him understand what England is… I think.
But I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about how I’ll be voting on Thursday. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a “vote for Jezza Corbyn or Mrs May” thing because “they’ll make our country great again”. In fact, I feel, in recent years, that British elections have become far too “presidential” with our local votes for MPs being seen merely as proxy votes for who we want to see in number 10. Naturally, the party you’d like to see running the country can play some part in your local preference.

For me however, my choice is about who is the best for my local community and I’m faced with an easy decision. Essentially, I either pick an MP who has previously represented the constituency and who we never saw nor heard a thing from. Or an MP who for the last two years has been a real presence in our as far we’ve been able to see. She carried high-heeled students across puddles and enjoyed a brief radio stint during severe flooding in the local area two years ago. She helped us out when we were trying to stop some drunken students from screaming obscenities outside our house every Wednesday night. Her office is down the road, and she’s even been to our house once.

So my choice is between two candidates, neither of whom are members of my preferred party. One of whom is a proxy vote for someone in number 10, and another a local MP for local people. Easy decision.

Yes there is a bigger picture to consider, but we have to remember that we’re not voting for a Prime Minister we’re voting for our representative in Parliament and I think in the week ahead we need to remember that when we’re considering which name to put that fateful X (or tick if you’re that way inclined) against on Thursday. Irrespective of this, make sure you get off your bums on Thursday and vote. We live in a free country (even in Morecambe) and especially with the way things are at the moment we need to show those who despise that freedom that we’re not afraid to use our democratic right to elect a representative in Parliament.


PS. If you’re not from the UK (or if you are) and if you like dogs keep an eye for #dogsatpollingstations on twitter which is a thing. It’s very British (and the  reason behind the dog in the comic).



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