On the generous offering of mints

We’ve all been in this situation. Confidence flying high. Reassured that our oral hygiene is in good order and any odour emanating from our  bodies is akin to sunshine and wildflowers.

Then someone offers you a mint.

You of course politely accept the generous offer, but then begins the desperate attempt to find out whether your breath really stinks as much as the offered mint suggests. The breathing on the hand and sniffing approach etc. etc. 

On the flip side, the thought process of the poor person who offered a mint is completely different. They’re engaged in some incredibly mundane task and need something to occupy their time. Being without anything like a real sweet they turned to the mints in their bag. And then seeing you nearby they think it would the height of rudeness to consume such treat without sharing. Of course, sharing a mint is a meagre treat but it’s all you’ve got, so you do it anyway.

And inadvertently caused a silent existential crisis of hygiene.



Postscript: Gordon Bennett it’s a busy time of year. Actually this is usually the time of year when I drop off the face of the planet because of exam marking, invigilating, conference attending etc. This year I’m determined not to slacken off too much over the next three months. However, that might mean the odd, non-story related comic. But then let’s be honest you prefer those sort anyway….



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