Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine – Ep 4 – Gaming Priorities

Anytime. Anywhere. With anyone…. dammit will you please stop ringing me I’m busy!! Let’s be honest guys you can’t really play computer games anytime or anywhere or with anyone. I’m not sure how my boss would feel if I pulled out a switch during a departmental meeting. That being said, this week’s comic is subliminally about me being jealous that I don’t own a console that will play Breath of the Wild 😦 Instead I’m stuck playing Skyward Sword which has been sat on a shelf waiting for me to play while I finished my PhD.

 But hey! I love Zelda games in all shapes and forms so it’s not all bad. In fact, a few years ago I completed Zelda: Link’s Awakening after a 10+ yr hiatus with the help of an emulator. I’d had a copy for my old-school grey brick Game Boy, but in the days before YouTube walkthroughs if you got stuck you got really stuck (well I did anyway). Because of this my teenage self then made the mistake of lending it to my friend in exchange for Super Mario Brothers 2 while he went on holiday. Link got lost and I kept Mario, so I never finished it… until recently. The best bit about revisiting that epic part of my childhood wasn’t even the closure I got: it was getting to listen to the classic Game Boy style Zelda 8-bit theme tune. Crack that baby right up!

Anyway, this week’s comic also has the alternate title ‘The one where the Green Super Haribo Brother plays Zelda instead of helping.’

Not to be confused with ‘The one where the Green Super Haribo Brother plays Pacman instead of finding Captain Jimbo’

Or ‘The one where the Green Super Haribo Brother uses the security screens to watch TV instead of looking out for Pirates’

I’m sensing a trend here….



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