Ninja Phil & the Naughty Nine – Ep 2 – Thriller!

So before you start to read this go start this video then come back and read the comic straight away. If you read the comic at a measured enough pace (and youtube doesn’t stick any adverts on) the timing should be perfect 😉

Everyone knows the Avengers or Justice League, but bad guys like to have get togethers to! Spiderman has to face the Sinister Six, Vash the Stampede has to face the Gung Ho guns.1 Well Ninja Phil now has the Naughty Nine! And its first member is the Music Man whose “power” is the ability to make people dance… cool hey?! Only if you use it for good. But Music Man makes people dance so he can rob banks while they’re busy.

This time he’s chosen Michael Jackson as his exit music. Now I have to admit I’m not someone who listens to Michael Jackson on a regular basis … BUT whenever something by him pops on the radio (and from watching youtube videos in preparing for this comic) I remember just what an incredible musician, singer and dancer Michael Jackson was. An actually mind-bogglingly talented man. So if I’m honest, if someone could play some music which would force me to dance like Michael Jackson I’d happily let them rob a bank in front of my eyes…. that’s why Cheesecake boy is enjoying himself!



  1. WHAT! You don’t know who Vash the Stampede is?? You need to go do some homework. Right. Now!



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