Tales from the DVD cupboard


Our son LOVES our DVDs!1

Of course, being only three he’s not old enough to watch the majority of films. He’s also a sensitive soul (he has to wait outside during the Giant Squid scene on Finding Dory otherwise he’s an inconsolable wreck). So, many of the DVDs are only accessible to him by his looking at the DVD boxes. It’s actually a favourite past time of his to sit and look at the pictures on boxes and ask “Is there a bad guy in this one?” (a self-imposed vetting process to decide whether a film will make him cry or not).

This of course results in some interesting conversations and the above comic remembers the time when he set me up for a line that I couldn’t resist. Let’s be honest, what avid Star Wars fan wouldn’t take the opportunity to quote the immortal lines of Obi Wan Kenobi when their son asks whether Kylo Ren lives on “that moon”. Of course, when I burst out laughing (along with the other adults in the room) after I said “That’s no moon; it’s a spacestation,” my son had no idea what was going on. One day he will… one day.


  1. Yes, yes I know we live in a world of Netflixs and Blu Rays etc. etc. but we still own a sizable DVD collection… and are proud of that fact!

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