On finishing my PhD


On January 9th 2017 I had my PhD Viva… and I passed (with corrections).

My wife and I had a couple of ideas about what we might do to celebrate. But as soon as my son found out there was reason to celebrate he was taking over. At one point my wife tried to tell him that that he didn’t need any chocolate. To which he replied (with a stamp of his foot) “WE. ARE. CELEBRATING! And when you celebrate you eat chocolate!” And so that’s what we did; we ate chocolate, drank strawberry milkshake and played Ludo (his current favourite). Not how most people celebrate passing PhD, but then we’re not most people.

Come back next week when I’ll be starting off the first of the new Ninja Phil storyline next Monday, so see you then!



1. This basically means they’ve given a list of things to tweak and as long as I do I’ve passed. The Viva is basically this exam where a couple of people who have read your thesis tell you that it’s amazing… or not as the case may be (I’m sure mine was the former) and you try to defend some of your more suspect decisions.


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