On submitting a PhD thesis


It’s a New Year (well it has been for 17 days…) and it’s time to get the blog up and running again! Why the long time away (it’s been 7 months)? Because I reasoned that it would be better for my own sanity and more importantly my wife’s to finish my PhD thesis. Well I submitted on 5th October 2016 and after a manic term of teaching I’m ready to get back into things. So here I am 😀

And to get us re-started I’ve got a few non-Ninja Phil comics lined up; the first being this. So what does it feel like to submit a 100,000 word piece of work which has taken near enough 5 years of your life to complete? Well here are depicted a range of my expected reactions… in the end submitting resulted in none of the above.

I left during my lunch break to pick it up from the binders and take it to the hand-in place. I gave it to the lady there. I filled out a form. She gave me a piece of paper. I said thank you and within 10 minutes I was back registering first-year UGs. All in all extremely anticlimactic! But at the end of the day it’s over, I’m looking forward to the next chapter of life and filling that thesis shaped void with a lot of wife and kids, some comicing… and reading DC rebirth comics 😉

Hope to see you around.




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