The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Epilogue

Blog #79 - 08.05.2016

So we’ve watched, and quite enjoyed, the recent first season of Supergirl.While for the most part I had no problems with it (it was no The Flash s01 or Arrow so2 but it was good) there were two things that did occasionally get on my nerves… one, it was very America at times (no offence my yankee friends, but us Brits are an odd lot) like the whole Firemen “you saved us, we’ll save you” moment. Sickening. And two, the motivational speeches.

Now I’m one for a good motivational speech now and again, but Supergirl seemed to have more motivational speeches that I’ve had hot dinners. “I forgot Miss Grant’s latte!” “Remember Kara, you are a daughter of Krypton and have the strength within you to get that latte and get back here before it’s too late… I believe in you Kara….” *cue inspirational music* Ok that was pretty rubbish I know but I’m no good at these sorts of things, which is also indicated by this week’s comic. Let’s be honest, in the real world, when someone comes to you with life crisis of their’s the standard responses are:

  1. The awkward apology…. Oh I’m sorry that you had a car crash even though I was no where near when it happened and have absolutely no reason to apologise, but it’s the only way I can think of seeming somewhat sympathetic.
  2. The artful deflection… Why don’t we go and talk about it over a hot chocolate, though I secretly hope that while we’re en route I can think of something to talk about instead to make you forget about your problems.
  3. Respond and move on… that’s Cheesecake Boy’s tactic.
  4. One-up-manship… What you broke your leg falling off a wall? Well my aunt’s, bestfriend’s, neighbour’s, corner shop owner’s, lawyer’s 89 year-old grandma fell off the Empire State Building shattering every bone in their body and then ran the London Marathon four weeks later *thinks that should shut them up*.

Maybe we should be better at supporting our friends in times of need… but honestly, we’re not William Shakespeare and our on-the-cuff speech writing abilities are pretty pants. For now we’ll probably have to stick with the above, that or we’ll have ask friends for a week’s notice before sharing problems so we can prepare something inspirational.

And so concludes Season II of the Adventures of Ninja Phil. Because it’s taken me soooo long to get to posting I actually need to get on to Season III already so keep your eyes peeled it’s going to be getting pretty terrible round here!


  1. *Supergirl Spoilers* (though if you’ve not watched it yet I imagine you’re not going to) Some of you might have picked up a Supergirl vibe from episode 33, what with the flying into space thing and all. In actuality I hadn’t watched the finale yet… the flying into space carrying a Weapon of Mass Destruction to save the planet is just awesomely cliched. I can get away with it, it this superhero parody comic… can Supergirl? 


Postscript: So there’s a crucial issue that needs to be resolved before Season III… what do I do about Ninja Phil’s tie! Should I stick with the green or go with something new? C’mon I know you guys like shopping so join Ninja Phil on a shopping trip and pick him a new tie 🙂 See the Poll in the margin!


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