The Not-So-Masterchef Final (2/3)

Masterchef 2

Philip has prepared Part 2 of the Not-So-Masterchef final, served with excessively wide open mouths to eat a tiny fork of food and topped with Gregg and John disagreeing with each other.

In reality this is actually what’s on the menu in our house (ok it’s not that bad… but it has been in the past). When my wife and I were still students we went to have dinner at our friends house, who is an amazing cook! When we arrived she apologised that she was making “pig food” for us. Now we’d been living off Pot Noodles or a tin of hot dogs each for like a week so what on earth was going to be “pig food”? Well “pig food” turned out to be garlic and leek mash potato and cumberland sausage. Haha! “pig food” indeed!

I’ll try to get Part 3 up before I got to watch Civil War tomorrow night (that’s right I’m actually going to miss the Masterchef final! The irony).



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