Ninja v Badgers

Blog #78 - 17.04.2016

A few weeks ago, our son managed to get out of bed without waking his sister up and wake me up without waking up his mum up… quite the achievement! Well, as we were trying to sneak down stairs to get breakfast I tried to communicate the above instruction. I’m not sure how we went from Ninja to Badger… but I soon found out that my son’s interpretation of a Badger is actually quite quiet.

But then, let’s be honest Badgers and Ninja are quite similar. They both wear masks (of a sort) and they are both creatures of the night. At the moment the only differences I can think of off the top my head is the fur and the fact that a Ninja has never given a cow TB… although I can’t rule out the possibility of some a Ninja somewhere having killed a cow through other means. Ninja find cow tipping quite entertaining after all.



Postscript: Another short comic out of the way… I’ll be back next week with a little epilogue for Season II of the Adventures of Ninja Phil 😀 See how Phil’s coping with the Incredible H getting blown up…



    1. He sure can. What you don’t realise is he’s standing on a bed of hot coals…. only way I could get him to do, but edited it out to avoid being trolled by animal rights campaigners 😛

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