The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 33 – A Hero Dies in this one

Blog #77 - 10.04.2016


Oh wait, I shouldn’t be enjoying this, should I? Well this is the finale (well almost) so I’ve got to a little bit excited (someone has too). I wouldn’t be too worried though, to paraphrase something someone said in a recent Supergirl episode (at least I think it was Supergirl) “I won’t believe they’re dead until I see the body and even then I won’t be sure”. That’s always the way with Superheroes right? 

I’m late on posting, but don’t worry I’ve got a fun guest post that I’ll be putting up tomorrow and I’m well on the way to something special for Sunday.




    1. Thanks! More of a relaxation technique than anything else. But yeah, paper, crayola pencil crayons (although I used some strange wax thing from my son’s crayon box for the last one) and then sharpies. Paneling and a bit of tidying done digitally, but I enjoy the feeling of pencil in hand. Glad you like them.

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