Warning! Work in Progress

Work in Progress001

Right, so as you can see Ninja Phil has been working hard on something special for all of you. Imagine if all of the episodes for The Adventures of Ninja Phil were on a single page, in chronological order, so you could read them as a nice continuous storyline? No more clicking through previous posts. No more slogging through archives. Just one click on the menu and hey presto! Well such a dream is now a reality! Simple click on the menu and you’re there. So why not try it?

Just click on the Adventures of Ninja Phil menu above, select Part 1 and scroll to your hearts content! 

(Alternatively just click here)

I’ve also included links in the title to each episode for those who want to see the original comic in context, alongside its accompanying post.

It’s like Netflix only better and a webcomic!

Part 2 will be heading your way on Sunday.



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