The Adventures of Ninja Phil II – Ep 31 – … Of The End

Blog #74 - 29.02.2016

Right, any of you aspiring bad guys out there should learn from Jimbo’s example. Sadly, history clearly outlines the usual fate of bad guys… imprisonment, death or extra-dimensional exile. Basically, if you’re a bad guy the odds are stacked against you to lose. So… make sure you’ve got a back up plan! Sure you might get killed, maimed, banished or incarcerated, but that’s inevitable. Instead of trying to avoid it, just make sure you take as many of those pesky Superheroes down with you as possible. When I finally get time to draw the next episode you’ll find out whether Jimbo’s back-up plan actually works!



Postscript: Comic making is still on the back burner at the minute, especially since we’ve entered marking season. I’ll try to get the next one done asap, but don’t worry I’ve got a few things planned to tie you guys over till I’ve got time to draw again. 


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