Guest Post #3 – Doodler’s Problems

Ninja Phil presents… my sister (aka The Incredible H)!!

So, when Phil asked me to help out and stand in for a weeks blog I was so excited thinking of all the wonderful things I could draw etc. I was planning on doing something artistic and awe-inspiring, but alas! I remembered that I seem to have one problem when it comes to drawing: If I try really hard to, let’s say, draw a horse I have a magical picture in my mind of a truly beautiful sketch depicting a noble, majestic creature worthy of carrying a gallant knight into battle or galloping off into the sunset. In fact, the picture in my mind is something akin to the film adaptation of Black Beauty (Just type in “black beauty horse” into google images and you’ll see what delusions of grandeur I have). However, when it comes down to it my sketches look like someone was asked to draw a horse when they had never seen nor heard of a horse before… I get all excited thinking this will be the time for my artistic prowess to be shown, but that prowess consistently tucks tail and runs as soon as it sees the glimmer of hope in my eyes as I put a drawing pencil to crisp white paper.

However, the real thing that frustrates me the most is if I am not trying and am not fully concentrating on what I am drawing, e.g. doodling in a note book whilst being in training at work etc I draw some pretty decent stuff (not bragging but I am quite proud of it). Is it because I’m not trying so hard? Or that I usually just draw inanimate objects of landscapes? Or maybe that I use a biro pen instead of pencil and usually doodle on notebook covers? Or that I have no plan nor design before hand of what I am about to draw? I can’t explain… But here’s a few examples of what I’m talking about (the drawings are usually in correlation with what I am listening to and thinking of at the time):







Suffice to say that at one point Phil and I were discussing his comic and he gave me a sneaky peek of an upcoming scene a while back, and I said “I wish I could draw like that, then I’d do a comic too… But all I seem to be able to draw is inanimate objects and landscapes.” to which his reply was: “Draw a comic about landscapes.” Sometimes I’m half tempted to! 😉

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