Guest Post #2 – The Yard Sale Artist (continued)

Continuing on from last week, here’s Part II of the Yard Sale Artist…

Silver Surfer (1)

Silver Surfer – What I TRULY love the most is when the “canvas” leads me to what I’m going to paint.  This full-sized mirror was found in the trash.  I had it for several weeks, thinking about what I was going to paint on it.  Then, it came to!  Silver Surfer is mirrored.  So, the challenge on this piece was to NOT paint the Silver Surfer – paint every other part of the mirror, but leave him mirrored.  Process pics here.

Zelda (1)

Link from Legend of Zelda – Again, letting the material pick what I would paint, this one is painted on pallet wood that a local business lets me take from behind their store.  The hardest part about paintings on pallet wood – and I’ve done a few – is breaking down the pallet and then re-building it as a canvas.  That process takes about 2 hours and it’s pretty labor intensive.  So, anyway, the wood surface made me think of the woods & trees, which is where the Hero of Time, Link, hails from.  This one became a wedding present to my cousin and his wife who had a Legend of Zelda themed wedding.  Process pics here.

Iron Man (1)

Iron Man – Keeping with letting the material pick the painting, this one started life as a piece of aircraft metal, specifically from a UH-60 Blackhawk.  I have  a friend who works on helicopters for a charitable organization and he gets donated aircraft parts a lot – can’t use them all – so he gives some to me.  So, I had this large piece of very cool, industrial/military metal and I immediately knew that this would be Iron Man.  Process pics here


Postscript: Second and final contribution from the brilliant Yard Sale Artist. Check out more of his stuff on Twitter, Facebook or his Site. Big thanks from my end, Jarrod’s stuff is great and I’ve loved featuring it on the site these last two week.

The guest post goodness continues next week. Happy to extend the hiatus as long as I’ve got willing volunteers, so if you’d like to get in on the action let me know!


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