Guest Post #1 – The Yard Sale Artist

Ninja Phil is proud to introduce the Yard Sale Artist!

I call myself the Yard Sale Artist because I get all my materials for my art from yard sales, thrift stores, side-of-the-road, or even dumpsters!  And I mean everything – brushes, paints, pens, paper, frames – everything!  The only time I get new items is when someone gives me stuff for birthday or Christmas.  So, I might be the cheapest artist on the planet.  I work out of southern Alabama.  I just started this art career in my late 30’s.  I’ve been doing it for about a year now – I’ve done several art shows and comic conventions and I’m truly blessed that people seem like my stuff.

Leonardo (1)

This was my first piece of comic, or pop art that I did.  Up until this, I had done a lot of abstracts that met with mediocre success.  But this Leonardo quickly gained a lot of attention, so I decided that putting my lifelong love of comics and pop culture into my paintings was probably a smart idea!  Anyway, Leonardo was originally a discarded counter-top that I found on the side of road while I was out yard sale-ing one morning.  My son, Jordan, is really into the Turtles so he influenced me to make the counter-top a TMNT piece.  Some process pics from my blog

Painting - Black Spider-Man (1)

Black Spider-Man – This one used to be a cabinet door.  I found a set of cabinets on the side of the road during my drive to work and I took the doors off, thinking they would make good “canvases.” This one started with just the background as I decided what I wanted to put on it.  I made the background with just yard-sale-acquired spray paints & random items I got in grab-bags at yard sales.  Once I saw that it was blue and red with overtures of a bridge, I immediately thought of Spider-Man.  But you don’t want to put red/blue Spidey on a red/blue background, so I went with black Spider-Man…which was also an homage to my good friend, John Beatty, who inked the very first appearance of black Spider-Man in Secret Wars #8.



Postscript: Pretty cool hey! There’ll be more from the Yard Sale Artist next week. In the mean time why not check out more on Twitter, Facebook or his Site.

In a continuing effort to finish my thesis, I’ll be taking a bit of a break through February and probably into March. I’ve got great stuff lined up to keep you busy in the meantime, but if you’re interested in contributing to the guest post schedule let me know!



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