2015 in Review (5/5) – Books, books and more books

Blog #74.5 - 31.01.2016

As some of you may know I’m coming to the end of my PhD. What? PhD student’s draw pictures with crayons and sharpies and post them on the internet… apparently so. And no, my PhD is not in Art, otherwise I’d fail miserably (it’s in History). I’m slowly, ever so slowly, crawling (like a finger nail bleeding crawl) to the finish line. It’s hard work for me, but what I go through is nothing compared to my wife, who I’m sure will divorce me if I’m not finished soon. One of the things she struggles with the most is how I manage to still find things to read (after 4yrs of reading)… what’s worse is there are still books piled up around the house (and in my office) that I might just read if I get the chance.

So, partners of PhD students: I salute you! Just please be patient with us, I promise it will end at some point… until we find another research project 3 weeks after finishing and it starts… all over again.



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