2015 in Review (4/5) – Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain

Blog #74.4 - 19.01.2016

I wouldn’t be an Englishman if I didn’t occasionally talk about the weather (in an as negative a manner as possible). But this time at least I’m justified I believe. So the chance of getting snow at Christmas where I live (or indeed snow full stop) is next to none. Not because I live somewhere excessively hot… just excessively wet. Well this year’s excessive wetness went to a whole new level and for the first time in many people’s living memory the river that runs through the city centre burst its banks.

The local substation flooded and we lost power for about a week, the bridges across the river were hit by a container and were closed for a couple of days and the local Sainsburys (a supermarket chain over here), bus station and a load of local businesses were flooded (some of them are still closed now over a month later). And all of this three weeks before Christmas! The only thing that didn’t cut out was our battery powered radio and the local (though also flooded) radio station. Here are some pics from twitter:

The worst thing is it wasn’t even that bad here, but we knew that if it was that bad in our town then up north from us must be devastating… which is was. So even though the UK always grinds to a halt with even the slightest bit of snow, I would have much preferred some of the white stuff, instead of the wet stuff, at the end of last year. The blackouts did allow me to get a very nice picture of a tealight Christmas tree though!



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