2015 in review (1/5) – A child’s world is a lot more exciting than mine

Blog #74 - 04.01.2015

Over the next week I’ll be looking back at some of the highlights of 2015. Nothing major, just some amusing stuff that went on with us. Today’s comic is one of a pair about our kids. Our eldest will be three early this year (i.e. 2016) and 2015 saw the birth of our second. As great as having another bundle of joy in the house is (and she really is a bundle of joy… unless she doesn’t get what she wants, then you know about it!) the biggest change has been going from having a 1 and 1/2 yr old to a full blown talking 2 year old.

Sometimes he can give us a hard time of it (not quite terrible twos or threenager but he gets close), but 95% of the time he’s great and so funny. Especially when he comes out with corkers like this (above) or this. Hahaha, he’s hilarious… but not as hilarious as it would be if a giraffe tried to walk down our stairs! They’re death traps for normal people let alone a giraffe.



Postscript: Still looking for a few more willing guest posters for my up and comping short term hiatus. Drop me a message if you’re interested.


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