Star Wars Finale – Return of the Jedi King

Star Wars Ep VI - Return of the Jedi King

This final Star Wars comic was inspired by the following tweet..

It seems Mrs. Mike’s flight of fancy wasn’t that far from the truth!



Postscript: Again, late with the comics, but the demands of PhD-ing as well as the joys of Christmas have gotten to me over the last week (again). In fact, because of everything that’s going on and the need to get my Uni work finished I’ll be going on a short hiatus in the coming weeks (before my wife kills me with the parts of my thesis I have finished). 

Don’t worry, I’ll be finishing up the Christmas season with some short strips (a kind of ‘My Year in Review’) but the current Ninja Phil storyline will probably have to wait until I’ve more time on my hands. I will be looking for some guest strips to keep the site ticking over – volunteers welcome! 

Doesn’t have to be Ninja/Pirate/Superhero related, just as long as it’s family friendly I’ll take pretty much anything! If you’re interested let me know in the comments below.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Star Wars diversion, I certainly have. Oh and a belated Merry Christmas!!

(Oh and you should check out Mike’s comics… there’s a rude, but very funny one called Dustpiggies. Crude, swearing Hamsters aside it’s hilarious! My wife will testify to the amount it makes me laugh. And then there’s his less-likely-to-cause-offense, but equally enjoyable, Adventures of Tony Horseradish!)


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