Star Wars Episode V – Toy Story Strikes Back

Star Wars005

Being one of the most iconic scenes in cinema history, it’s also one of the most parodied. The problem with this is the fact that it’s SUPPOSED to be the biggest shock reveal… ever! In 1980 I’m sure it was, but nowadays everybody knows the ‘No I am your Father’ line before Vader even says it. What I wouldn’t give to have my Star Wars memory wiped and be allowed to sit down and watch Episodes IV-VI again and see how I actually felt when Vader’s true identity was revealed… oh never mind!

In any event, this (the comic) actually happened to someone I know and because of it, I know it’s harsh but, my children are not allowed to watch Toy Story until they’ve seen Star Wars. Hahaha, not really, my 2yr old loves Toy Story… but I have contemplated it.



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