Star Wars Episode II – Man I hate that movie…

Star Wars Ep II - Why I hate this movie

I hate Star Wars: Attack of the Clones! Of all the prequel trilogy, this is the one I can’t abide (don’t worry I don’t hate all the Star Wars films, just most of the I-III haha). There are four main reasons for this which you can see in the comic, but which I’ll expand upon below:

  1. Anakin is the most unemotional brick ever. Ok, ok, I know some people say he’s supposed to be a sociopath or something, but clearly the reason he turns to the dark side is the because he gives into his emotions, which is pretty unbelievable from someone who appear to have none…
  2. The whole love story (for whatever reason) annoys me. It’s just so contrived, which I suppose it has to be to some extent, but still. The worst of it is when people start have romantic moments in the middle of a battle and somehow no robotic super soldiers manage to shoot them in the head.
  3. BUT  Attack of Clones is saved by that epic fight scene between Count Dooku and Yoda right? Yeah, except when Yoda gets his thing on he looks more like something in a pinball game than a Jedi. It’s just a bit ridiculous and yes, I know it’s a film about supernatural forces and spaceships etc etc, but ping pong ball Yoda was a bit much for me. 
  4. One final thing: saying the comedy is over done is an understatement. The robotic dynamic duo, so lovable in the other three movies, are just plain annoying in Attack of the Clones. Not quite Jar Jar bad, but getting there, which is bad in and of itself. And it always annoys when people try to stick humour in the middle of the tense battle scene… kind of detracts from the tension (well that is, if you’re doing a movie, different rules apply to hypocrite comic authors like me 😉 )

Suffice to say, I hate Attack of the Clones. And I don’t care who knows it!




  1. Yes I totally agree! “Anakin is the most unemotional brick ever.” I seriously got so annoyed with how boring his character was- also yeah the love story was completely uninteresting. Star Wars 4,5, and 6 were so awesome- 1,2, and 3 were so… now.

    1. I know, I’ve high hope for today’s release, not that I’ve seen it yet. Just because they’re like we’ve got to show an x-wing on the ground so let’s just build a x-wing… rather than the, what I call, Peter Jackson approach… LET’S CGI EVERYTHING!! (another thing that hated about 1-3). You know 4-6 are great movies because they’re so watchable even now!

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