Star Wars Episode I – In Roger’s Name

Star War Ep I - The Real Story

Doesn’t The Phantom Menace make so much more sense now?! 

My original plan for this post was to discuss the pros and cons of the Phantom Menace, the only problem was that the cons list was incredibly long and the pros list was… well it was just Darth Maul. That being said, I do enjoy The Phantom Menace, it’s certainly not the “kill me please” fest that is Attack of the Clones and it’s detached enough from the real Star Wars (aka. IV, V and VI) not to make me angry because of the way in interacts with them.

Even though that perhaps flies in the face of how many people feel about the film, I will admit that it is responsible for the spawning of the most insidious, annoying, I-want-to-smash-you-in-the-face characters in cinema history… Jar Jar Binks. There are no ways that I wouldn’t have enjoyed seeing that imbecile die. In fact, I firmly believe that Tarantino would make a killing from a film entitled Kill Jar Jar Binks, so long as Binks was left in a state so removed from being alive that it would be impossible to make a sequel.

That said, The Phantom Menace provides us all with a valuable life lesson… always back up your files. It’s all just a metaphor for keeping your work on your computer save. Sure they’ve got firewalls and anti-virus software, but you can never rule out the off chance that some annoying little child virus will sneak through your defenses and ruin your day. Like seriously, if the Droid Control Ship had just had a back-up then maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t have had to put up with Jar Jar in Episode II.



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