Inktober 31 – Happy Halloween


No historical references this time! Just a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Editorial: So Inktober! I did it!! So what do I think? I’ve really enjoyed trying to churn through the drawings each day and the added challenge of inking them all gave it a different dimension. I think what I enjoyed the most was the chance to draw something completely unrelated to the standard comic content (though I’ve thoroughly missed my crayola crayons). I won’t lie and say that sometimes it’s not felt like a bit of a chore and occasionally I’ve not stuck to task, but nevertheless, I think the historical theme and pre-planning of what I was going to draw really helped. Particularly the historical theme. As one of my great loves, looking through history and particularly things that have occurred in recent history has been interesting not just to draw, but also to refresh my memory of. 

So where to next? Well you’ll remember that the comic strip was left on a bit of a cliff hanger so I’ve got a several more strips to finished that off (exciting times). Then I’ve got some Star Wars themed strips planned in the build up/aftermath of the new film :D, so the plan is to get a new strip up early next week and get back to the weekly posting schedule that we’re used to (although I might move towards posting on Mondays rather than Sundays, keep you posted). I’ve got another competition in the works as well, where you lovely readers will be able to submit plans for super villains to appear in the comic in the future (more to follow).

Either way, to the old guard, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Inktober diversion (or at least endured it) and are looking forward to Ninja Phil’s return. For those newcomers, great to have you along and I hope you’ll enjoy the comic as much as you’ve (I assume) enjoyed Inktober!

Postscript: So, today I went to a kids Halloween part actually dressed as Ninja Phil, haha! Nerd! I was invited, well my son was, so it’s not like I’m a complete weirdo turning up to a random kid’s Halloween party 😉


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