Inktober 30 – Chilean Miners!!


So there are only three news stories that I remember sitting glued to the tele for. The first was 9/11. The second the London riots in 2011. The thrid was the rescue of the Chilean Miners. We all know the story of the collasped mines, of the continued search, those moments when we’d given up hope of ever finding anyone and then how after seventeen days they found “the 33”. And then after a grand total of 69 days underground the men were finally rescued. 9/11 and the London Riots held my attention through a mixture of shock, concern, anticipation at what on earth could happen next. But the rescue of the Chilean miners keep me glued to the screen because of the wonderful story of hope (I swear I didn’t cry… honest). And that happened just 5yrs ago. All I can say is that I can’t wait for the movie to come out!




    1. I always remember coming home from school (yes I was that young…well like 15) and switching on the TV expecting to find kids’ programmes and every single channel being 9/11. I just sat there in kinda stunned shock, wondering for ages if it was just some kind of hoax or something. Not pleasant viewing.

      But I suppose the only Reagan equivalent over this side of the pond was probably Princess Diana. Don’t remember much about her funeral (I would’ve just turned 11 I think), just that everyone was so sad.

      Chilean Miners! Now there’s much better TV memories!

      (PS. I feel like a bad human being for not replying earlier, somehow I just didn’t realise that you’d commented! hopefully this atones for my sins)

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