Inktober 28 – Windows 95


20 years since the release of Windows 95! Doesn’t that make you feel old! Haha. I still remember the day we upgraded from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. Those were glory days filled with having to use a mouse, playing games like Age of Empires II and Command and Conquer, still knowing what MS-DOS was for, social lives which revolved around MSN messenger, still remembering hearing this sound whenever you connected to the internet and not being able use the internet and phone at the same time and never being able to move your computer further than a few metres away from the nearest phone/plug socket. Windows 95 represents all of this, and because it was so awesome no one actually bothered upgrading until Windows XP came out in 2001. As cool as a world with touch screens, tablets and gigabytes worth of data are, there was something special about having grown up in the period when the digital age really got going.




    1. Haha! I think it’s amazing though that now you can have an iphone and take phones, call, text, go online everything you’d ever want to do… in 1995 you would have needed like 8 different pieces of kit to do all of those things and each would have been about 10x as big as an iphone, the camera included and you would have needed just as many plug sockets! (ps. love your site btw your stuff is great!)

      1. Thank you! I vaguely remember black and white tv! Ive seen technology change so much! Everything getting smaller, and like you say, combined. I hope I keep up and not end up like my mom who only interacts with facebook via email notifications!

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