Inktober 25 – Calvin and Hobbes


Finishing our 1985 coverage on a high note, it’s 30yrs since the first Calvin and Hobbes comic. Calvin and Hobbes comics ran from between 1985 and 1995 and were published in over 250 newspapers in the US alone (not to mention the huge international audience it gathered). The much loved character’s (a tiger and 6yr old boy) were named after the 16th century reformer John Calvin and 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes. And as well as being entertaining and touching, the comics covered a wide range of current affairs topics. But I think the comic community love Calvin and Hobbes all the more for the fact that their creator, Bill Watterson, quit his day job to make comics. I know a fair few out there that would love to do so! Me, I’m content with my little hobby doodles, the above pictured being the my favourite Inktober piece so far (except perhaps this one), that I’ve done that is.



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