Inktober 24 – Eastenders


1985 represented not just a positive landmark in cultural history, what with Back to the Future and Mobile phones, but it also witnessed the first episode of Eastenders. The famous British soap originally aired just once a week, now it graces us with its televised presence four times a week! Really, I’m not one for soaps. Growing up there was always a bit of Neighbours on BBC1 between kids TV and the news. But Eastenders was always something different. In the main the I have two gripes about it. One, I seriously doubt anyone in their right mind but actually want to live on a street where every 6 months someone is murdered, arrested or cheated on or where there’s a public brawl or large scale fire. If you didn’t already know before you moved in you’d be quickly getting out once there. Which kind of undermines the whole idea… but I suppose you can’t make a drama out of an empty street (if you did Tom Hanks would have to star). My other problem is that Albert Square (where it’s set) is in fact a circle… haha. So here you have it 30yrs since Eastenders. Incidentally, it’s also 20yrs since Hollyoaks first aired and 55yrs since Coronation Steet. Soap lovers across the country rejoice! Then again, I suppose it’s a tad better than reality TV (Bake Off and Strictly excluded of course)

If the last drawing was lazy this one was even lazier! (Although I used a blue pen to compensate somewhat)



Postscript: Don’t worry the next one’s much better


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