Inktober 23 – First UK Mobile phone call


In a continuing attempt to synchronise my Inktober postings between twitter and the site, here’s #23. As well as being the year in which Back to the Future was first shown, 1985 was also the year that saw the first UK commercial mobile phone call. When I showed this to someone their response was “Aren’t those phones a little small for 1985?” The answer is probably!



Postscript: As you may notice this piece is a little lazier than what I’ve been doing over the last few weeks. I kid myself that there were valid reasons for the laziness, and it had nothing to do with me having no ideas what to draw/lack of time. The valid reasons that I’ve come up with so far are that seeing as the above pictured character’s represent my usual “artistic” (I use that term loosely) style I need to get back into practice seeing as Sunday is the end of October and therefore Inktober and thus will see the return of the comic. My other excuse is that Inktober has picked me a fair few extra followers (hello all, thanks for the follow!) and I wanted to warn them that this is more want you should expect come November… sorry, but it’s a lot more colourful than this usually!


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