Inktober 20 – Return of the King and Arrival of the Fish Finger


In between Back to the Future day and the new Star Wars trailer (*deep breaths* *deep breaths*) the world seems to have forgotten a very important date. On 20th October 1955 the final book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of the King, was published in the UK. The series is adored by millions worldwide, a fact helped in no small part by the Peter Jackson’s “adaptations”. I’ve read the Lord of the Rings several times, and it’s not the storyline that brings me back again and again (because if it was I’d die every time I had to read about how Frodo walked for 5 miles turned left at a rock walked another 5 miles to another rock that he’d seen before etc. etc. btw the ring was really heavy). But what makes the Lord of the Rings was Tolkien’s ability to build character’s that you are sucked into (Faramir for me) and build a world with a histories and cultures almost as nuanced as our own. 

Of course, it’s also 60yrs since Fish Fingers went on sale in the UK and I just couldn’t resist the joke! Haha! Although, Colin Davey on twitter came up with an even better one!

Hahaha! Classic! So next time you sit down to watch the trilogy or even better the read, why not accompany it with some Fish Fingers (you’ll probably need lots – you might be there some time)



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