Inkotber #15 – Lawrence of Arabia


 It’s 80yrs since T.E. Lawrence, aka. Lawrence of Arabia, died. He is of course famous for being Britain’s inside man in the Arab uprising and guerrilla warfare against the Ottoman Turks during WW1. But he also developed a real love for the Arab people’s during his time with them and campaigned for an independent Arab state. His life was full of adventuring and fighting for causes he felt just, but at the same time the Lawrence we know about is as much a construct of myth as reality. He was also an avid historian (automatic brownie points there) and even before the war had spent a huge amount of time engaged in archaeological research in the Middle East. He died when he swerved to avoid two boys whilst riding his motorbike in 1935, the injuries he received in the crash proving fatal. He represents the 4th (and last) WW1 related Inktober piece… alas just as we finish commemorating one World War we get to commemorating another!



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