Inktober #9 – Sinking of the Lusitania


In a semi-continuation of our American theme, it’s also 100yrs since the sinking of the Lusitania. A british ocean liner, Lusitania was launched in 7th June 1906 and for a few months (before her sister ship the Mauretania was launched) she was the largest passenger ship in the world. But in many ways her history is much the same as the bigger, slower and more luxurious Titanic. However, Lusitania’s demise occurred in more sinister circumstances. On the 7th May 1915 she was sunk by a German submarine off the Irish coast on a voyage from New York to Liverpool. To this day, her sinking, which claimed the lives of 1194, is best remembered for the role it played in pulling America into World War One. What’s worse, conspiracy theorists to this day still wonder whether the ship and her passengers and crew served as unwilling sacrifices by the British government to drag the Americans into the war.1

Of course, more generally it’s a reminder 100 yrs ago the First World War was, unfortunately, well under way.


1. I’m not usually one for conspiracy theories. Ok, so there might be something in this one. But conspiracy theorists come up with so many ludicrous claims that it undermines their credibility when it comes to the possibly true ones. 


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