Inktober #8 – Babe Ruth’s First Home Run


Sticking with the America theme, 100yrs ago, Babe Ruth hit the first of 714 Major League home runs (so in real money, aka. cricket that’s like 714 sixes = 4284 runs. Throw in a few fours and the odd single through point and you’ve got the makings a decent test career). Babe Ruth’s Major League career lasted 22 seasons and ended in 1935. In Baseballing history only two other players have scored more than 700 career home runs. The record is held by Barry Bonds who hit 762 during a (infamous) career which ended 2007 and which spanned 22 seasons. The other is Hank Aaron who hit 755 during his career which lasted from 1954-1976. Babe is therefore quite rightly recognised as one of the greatest Baseball players in history (and a nice break from wars and assassinations and the like). But you’ve got to wonder whether the catcher stood behind Ruth when the ball was hit knew that he was seeing history in the making.



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